The Amazing Tiny House Castle on a Truck


Wow is likely the first thing you’ll say when you see this tiny house castle expand into a huge living space. The engineering and thought that was put into this fantasy on wheels is a true mix of retaining childhood dreams while using adult know how to make it all happen – incredible really!

Justin Hayward and Jola Siezen are the creators of the Tiny House Castle and live in it year round. When expanded it is very roomy and offers all the amenities of a typical house including a full size kitchen and appliances, separate shower and toilet (in the turrets).

tiny house castleThe whole space opens up to a ground level deck providing the feel of a house versus a RV which you have to climb up into. But it doesn’t end there, head upstairs to a full deck with outdoor bathtub!

There are so many cool features in this tiny house you have to watch the video below to really appreciate the engineering Justin incorporated into this house on wheels. When not expanded, the whole unit is no larger than most RV’s (see image to right).

The Tiny House Castle Video

When your parents have the imagination and drive to make this kind of creation come to life, you can only grow up to believe that what you can imagine, you can make happen – lucky child!

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