Deciding if a Tiny House is Right for You? Try Before You Build or Buy Your Own Tiny House.


Are you considering the tiny house lifestyle or would like to know if a tiny house is right for you? Well then check out this beautiful tiny house resort situated on the banks of the St. Lawrence river in Quebec, Canada. Built for comfort and with sustainability in mind, using natural and nontoxic materials, this tiny house resort allows you to try before you buy or build your dream tiny house.

All seven of the tiny houses in this video are self contained and are completely off the grid, they feature solar powered lights and appliances and composting toilets.

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Mark has 28 years of experience in the food industry working as a Chef, consultant and business owner. Mark is an enthusiastic and skilled DIY'er, gardener and permaculturalist. Mark enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with others and is looking forward to working hands on and sharing is knowledge on the Tiny House website.

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