A Cozy Tiny House by Pascal and Catherine in Kamouraska, Canada,


Pascal and Catherine built this cozy tiny house in just 40 days and it looks like it turned out great. I have to say I really like the open feel it has for such a small amount of space. As you can see in the kitchen, the are not lacking any comforts or counter top space.  Pascal and Catherine obviously took a lot of time to plan their tiny house when you see how they built in the wood stove and the dining table to work with the living room seating.


They loved their tiny house and lifestyle so much they started a tiny house builiding company called “Ma Maison Logique. You can check out their website at: mamaisonlogique.com (Note: It is all in French – No english translation that I could see)

Wood Stove UPDATE:

Good news for anyone looking for the wood stove featured in this video… We found it and it is called the Cubic. It is available in two size and the company website offers all the odd size flue pipe and fittings you will need to set it up – they even have heat shields to reduce clearance distance on the back to 2.5″. Best of all, they are much cheaper than you would expect ranging on price from $400 to $600 CDN (on sale) and regular pricing at $600 to $800 CDN – if you are in the USA that makes them pretty darn cheap with the current exchange rates (as of Dec 2015).

Visit Cubic Mini Wood Stoves Here

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