4 DIY Videos That Will Help You Get Better Results With Your Tiny House Build


We here at Tiny House Floor Plans were also busy with other projects in the past. In particular a series of videos created 3 years ago that help DIY’ers build sheds and other outdoor projects.

These are very detailed and out of the 16 videos we produced, 4 in particular offer the DIY Tiny House builder a lot of very useful tips and techniques to achieve very good results in 4 areas of building

  1. Wall Framing
  2. Door Installation
  3. Trim Installation
  4. Soffit and Fascia board installation

Not all aspects of these videos are applicable to a tiny house build, but we are sure you will find many useful bits of information within them. You may find some them a tad long, but they do cover everything we could think of, and many of those “Tricks of the Trade” tips.

The videos are posted below – We hope you enjoy and find them useful!

To view all 16 videos in this series, checkout our YouTube Channel here

#1 Wall Framing


#2 Door Installation


#3 Trim Installation


#4 Soffit & Fascia Board Installation

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Henry has 35 years experience as a Professional Builder, Renovator and Woodworker under his belt. He loves construction and woodworking and will be sharing what he knows on Tiny House Floor Plans. You can also view his instructional videos on the Country Life Projects YouTube Channel

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