Humble Homes Humblebee Tiny House with Porch Floor Plan – 226 sq ft


humble-homes-humblebee-porch-tiny-house-floor-plansThis is one of the nicer tiny house plans available from Humble Homes and is designed specifically for a permanent foundation (hence the porch). One of the nice features of this house is the location of the entrance door which allows flexible use of the sitting area and kitchen layout. One could easily add a small loveseat and chair combination here if desired.

The Humblebee plan is ideal for any climate and would be great as a recreational cabin, guest cabin or full time residence for 1 or 2 people. The window locations on the porch make it easy to convert 1/4 of the porch on the left side to enclosed storage (or utilities such as pressure tank, water heater and water storage). Overall, the Humblebee tiny house plan is 20′ long and 226 sq ft. Full specifications for the Humblebee plan can be viewed on their website here.

humble-homes-humblebee-porch-interiorThe interior offers a spacious feel with an open living area and kitchen with the bathroom located at the back of the house. Personally, I would change the bathroom window to a small bay window and add a small sink in the extra space (as is, there is no allowance for a bathroom sink).

You can view many more images of the interior for the Humblebee plan on their website – just click the image to view the complete slideshow for this tiny house.


Humblebee Pros:

What I like most about this plan is entrance location and the porch. This combination gives the Humblebee a small cottage look and would fit well into any landscape. The porch is big enough to convert part of the space into a storage/utility room and still have lots of outdoor seating area.

In addition, the porch provides protection from the elements in bad weather and shade from the sun in hot weather – as well as protecting outdoor furniture. The interior is well designed for the most part and lends itself well to the use of quality finishes if a person wanted to use higher end materials.


Humblebee Cons:

While I do like the layout and proposed interior finishes provided by Humble Homes, for a permanent foundation home, I feel they could have made allowances in the layout to include a bathroom sink. I have not personally purchased this plan at this time, but I see no ladder or way to access the loft in this plan or the interior images – I am sure there is, but I think Humble Homes should have included this on their image slideshow so we can see how it fits into the design. Other than this, there is little else I can find wrong with these plans.


Plan Package Details:

Digitial Download: Yes
Printed Plans Available: Yes (at an extra cost)
Sketchup File Included: No (and not available)

* Full humblebee plan contents can be viewed here


Final thoughts:

Overall this is a nice plan and well thought out. It is pretty straight forward and would be reasonably easy to build for an experienced DIY’er. At the current price of $159, the plans are reasonably priced.

For more information and pictures of this tiny house, or to purchase the plans, please visit the Humblebee Tiny House Plan page on the Humble Homes website.

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