The 20′ Casper Tiny House Plan – 144 sq ft + Loft – Only $29


The 20′ Casper Tiny House plan from Tiny House Designs offers a very practical shell design with a central loft area and small nook beside the entrance for a possible sitting area, office desk or eating spot.

The roof design includes skylights for ventilation and the sloped front roof reduces drag for travel. The plans for the Casper 20′ is a shell only plan. You will need to figure out and design all of the interior space, electrical, plumbing and so on. In other words, it allows you to build out the space exactly the way you want. On the other hand, you’ll need a little construction experience to make sure it is done right.

The 20′ Casper Plan is a Steal At $29!

When I first came across these plans my first reaction was, “$29? Really? What is anyone going to get for $29? So, I bought a set fully expecting to add the plans to my recycle bin after viewing them. However, after I bought the plans, my first reaction was that Tiny House Designs was selling these at far to low a price for what you get. If I had to set a fair price on the 20′ Casper, it would be in $70 to $80 range! I don’t know how long these plans will stay at this price, but it is a bargain!

Have a look at the thumbnails below – these are from the 20′ Casper and are the plans included with the package – it is a lot of detail for $29

20′ Casper – Very Detailed 3D & 2D Plans

As you can see in the list of thumbnails in the above image, this package is not lacking in detailed drawings. Most drawings provide a 3D perspective with 2D dimensional drawings beside it. This allows you to visualize that part of the project – a nice feature for DIY’ers who may not have the experience to work strictly from 2D drawings.


Need to Make Mods? These Plans Come With a SketchUp File!

In my opinion, the drawings alone are worth more than the asking price, but Tiny House Designs doesn’t stop with the plans, they also give you the Sketchup File for the plan so you can make modifications in Sketchup and also finish the interior design and layout in 3D.

What is SketchUp – Simply put, one of the easiest to learn and best 3D & 2D modeling software programs available – and it is free! Check out our article and links for SketchUp on our site (see our resources section). Within a weeks time, you can learn enough about SketchUp to start using the included file – it is really that easy to use!


20′ Casper Tiny House Plan Pros:

Excellent value for the money. You won’t find this much detail in any set of plans at this price, or even some higher priced plans. The included SketchUp file is “REAL” bonus and in my opinion worth more than the plans themselves in that you can make changes to the plans using the original file from which they were created.


20′ Casper Tiny House Plan Cons:

The 20′ Casper offers no interior finish or rough-in specifications of any kind, you’ll have to work that out yourself. This is a shell only plan. Unlike many plans, this plan does not have 2D top view floor plan which seems a little odd, however, it is not lacking the measurements, they are just spread over a few drawings.

If you like this plan, Tiny House Designs does not have a page dedicated to the plan and the link below takes you to a page with all of their plans – you need to scroll down to it.

* The 20′ Casper Plan and all Tiny House Design plans can be viewed here


Plan Package Details:

Digitial Download: Yes
Printed Plans Available: No
Sketchup File Included: Yes


Final thoughts:

Overall, I was very impressed with this set of plans, you get a lot for your money. As noted before, having the SketchUp file for this plans is an incredible bonus!

If you are a moderately skilled DIY’er and not afraid to work out the interior finishing and layout yourself, you will have no problem building from these plans – they are clear and easy to read and the 3D perspectives throughout are very helpful.

For more information and some additional pictures of this tiny house, or to purchase the plans, please visit the 20′ Casper Tiny House Plan on the Tiny House Design website – NOTE: You’ll need to scroll down the page to view the 20′ Casper plan.

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